Thursday, December 29, 2011

HBC - Finished

It's so hard to coral an almost-2-year-old and get him to (1) stand still, (2) show off a sweater so that you can see all the angles and (3) smile all at the same time!  This completes my list of Christmas projects for 2011. 


Pattern:  I used a shawl collar sweater pattern from Sirdar as the template and added the signature stripes of the Hudson Bay Company, a Canadian institution.  The entire body of the sweater was done in stocking stitch instead of with the double moss stitch on the top part.  I added 6 little wooden buttons.


Needles: 3.0 & 3.75 mm / US #2.5 & 5

Yarn:  Plymouth Encore D.K.
75% acrylic, 25% wool
Main Color:  Cream #256
Contrasting Colors:  Black #217
Red #1386
Yellow #1382
Green #54


Nell said...

That's adorable! What a cutie, and a handsome gift from a loving Grandmother.

Jen B said...

What an amazing sweater!! It looks great! :)

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

oh, you hit the Hudson's Bay look SPOT ON -- great job and I sure know what you mean about photographing toddlers -- they really MOVE! LOL

Carissa said...

That is exactly what I want to make, but in crochet. I still haven't found the right pattern yet. Nice work!