Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Good news!  I finished my Grandson's Elmo pullover in time for his birthday party.  He's now 2.  The party was at 10am and I finished weaving in the last end just after midnight the night before. 


Pattern:  A basic, plain pullover, knit in pieces, saddle shoulders
I found the Elmo graph online here.  It's #80-74


Needles: 2.25 & 2.75 mm / US #1 & 2

Sandnes Garn Lanett Superwash
100% merino wool
Main Color:  Gray #1053
Contrasting Colors - small amounts:
Red #4128
Black #1099
White:  #1002


Coralee said...

It's a beauty and great timing! Cute grandson too :)

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Oh, so adorable and yeah for you for getting it done on time. It looks like he loves it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Great grandma getting it done also

Pam said...

Very,very cute! You are so talented!