Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rule of Four - Jan '12

The craziness of the Christmas season and rushing to finish projects is over.  Now, I can settle back and decide on my Rule of Four (plus Socks) list:

#1 - is a Stealth Project with details to come soon.  It's a sweater and the sleeves are finished.  I did both sleeves at the same time.  I had two balls of wool and would knit across one sleeve, then the other one.  This ensures that both sleeves are the same, increases in the same place, etc.  Also, I don't have that feeling of starting all over again when one sleeve is finished and the other is about to be started.  Now, onto the front.  I'm not knitting them in the traditional order of back, front, sleeve, sleeve.  This project has a deadline. 

#2 - Jigsaw Afghan.  I'm looking forward to getting more done on this afghan.  It won't be long until I start to think about the border. 

3 - It's been frigid here in Calgary for the last couple of days so a pair of gloves has moved up in the queue.  I have the yarn and patterns for three of the glove offerings from the Rainey Sisters.  I'm going to start with the Foxhall Gloves as I think that these will be the warmest ones. These are supposed to be gloves for men but to me they look unisex to me.  I'm calling this project as 1% finished as I've assembled the materials and wound the yarn (Jared Flood's "Loft") into a ball.

#4 - I'm going to finish up the Wibble Wobble Scarf and get it delivered to Inn From The Cold.  It got set aside over Christmas. 

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