Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Stealth Project

This sweater is a only a stealth project because my daughter reads my blog and what I'm making is a gift for my grandson's birthday.  He'll be 2 on Monday but his birthday party is tomorrow.  She's too busy to read anything today, so here's a picture of the inside of the front piece.

You don't need the team of CSI to figure out that this is Elmo.  The back and sleeves are finished and being blocked.  Normally I will weave in the ends of an intarsia project as I go along but this one is small and not terribly complicated so I left all the tails to the end. 

Now the question is, can I weave in all the ends, sew the pieces together (it's got saddle shoulders) and work the neck ribbing by the birthday party tomorrow?  I hope so but, if not, there should be no problem having it completed for Braydon's actual birthday on Monday.

It's been so much fun to do intarsia again.  I love it and I've missed it.  I like the results, the challenge and making something out of  the chaos of all the yarns.  I have another project to do right away after this one and then I'm going to pull out my intarsia cushion that's been resting for a while.  It'll be good to get back to it again.

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Barb B said...

When can we see the front of Elmo?