Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Socks At A Time

Usually, when someone says that they are knitting two socks at a time they are working on circular needles.  For me, it means something different.  If I have two 50-gram balls of sock yarn, and especially if the yarn is self-striping, I like to get out two sets of double-pointed needles.  I will knit one leg on a set of needles, then another leg on the second set.  Then, I knit one heel followed by the other one.  The first foot, then the second, followed by one toe and then the other.

I know that it takes just as long to knit this way as it is if you do one complete sock, then another, but it feels quicker.  You don't get that feeling of starting all over again once one sock is finished.  It also helps me to keep my eyes on the striping in the hopes of having the socks match each other.
I rarely use this method if the yarn comes in a 100-gram ball.  I'm too lazy to divide the yarn.

In the top picture the two legs are finished.  In the bottom picture the socks each need toes.

I finished the socks on Saturday and blocked them yesterday.  I'll post the details tomorrow.  The socks have been claimed by Jessica which is perfectly okay.  I'll be making more pairs of socks...always!

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