Monday, February 27, 2012

Savannah - Part 4

The finale - yarn!

I've mentioned in a number of previous blog posts about my Travel Afghan.  To recap:  whenever I go somewhere I buy a skein or ball of yarn that will specifically remind me of the trip.  It might be the color of the yarn (e.g. the southwest), the name of the yarn or the yarn may be from a local dyer. 

The pattern I'm using for the afghan is Rambling Rows, a particular favorite of mine.  It's a garter stitch, mitered square afghan and the beauty of it is that there is no seaming.  When one block is finished you pick up the stitches to start the next.  This is great for my Travel Afghan as  I can see the trips adding up to make a lovely memory blanket.  I don't just have a pile of squares waiting to be assembled.  I keep a chart to remind me of the details of the trip and the yarn I chose.

When I decided to go to Savannah I turned to Ravelry to learn about knitting and shops and an ad popped up for a local dyer, The Copper Corgi.  Immediately I saw the ideal yarn, a worsted weight skein in a beautiful shade of peach, and the name was "Peach State".  What could be better?  It is the color that I associate with Georgia, the name was perfect and the dyer was local. 

I wrote to the dyer and she said that I could pick up the yarn at a local shop, Wild Fibre.  Unfortunately there was some issue with the shop and it was closed when I was there.  Sarah, owner of The Copper Corgi sent me an email while I was in Savannah to let me know and, instead, we met at Goose Feathers.  It was wonderful to meet the dyer in person and we got on very well.  I'm always thankful for the friendliness of the knitting community.  You can go almost anywhere in the world and meet a knitter and there are rarely any awkward silences.

I can't wait to get my Travel Afghan out of storage and knit in this latest block.  If you're ever looking for some beautifully-dyed, quality yarn and great friendly service, I can highly recommend The Copper Corgi.  As a matter of fact, since returning home I ordered a skein of sock yarn from her.  I'm hoping that, should I find myself in Georgia again (Stitches South, perhaps?) that I'll get a chance to meet with Sarah again and hear about her yarns.  And Sarah, if you're reading this, Hi and Thanks!!


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

ooh, love the name/color of that yarn. I'd love to see a photo of your travel afghan in progress -- it intrigues me!

Coralee said...

I've made several Rambling Rows afghans; love them and the process. What a great idea, giving your afghan a theme and a name.
The yarn looks very pretty and the Copper Corgi is a pretty cool name too.

Suzy said...

I can also vouche for Sarah's yarns and spinning fibers. The color ways are delicious!