Friday, March 2, 2012

Challenging Myself

I've decided to set aside all other knitting for a couple of days and take on a challenging deadline.  My daughter and son-in-law's friends, Jen and Jeremy, just had a baby boy and I've decided to make a pair of baby booties for him as a little gift.  How could I resist?  The baby's name is Rowan and that just happens to be the name of my favorite yarn company.

I'm going to make the booties the same as the ones I did for other friends, click here or, for Ravelry, click here.  This pair will be in moss green since that's one of Jen's favorite colors.

These should be a quick knit but I'm giving myself a very short deadline.  My daughter is going to visit the baby on Sunday morning so I'm going to try to finish them by then.  I'm not terribly optimistic, and it's okay as they can be delivered later, but I'll try.  It gives me a good excuse to sit and knit for a long period of time!

Off to cast on....

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The socklady said...

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