Saturday, June 16, 2012

Domain Update

I've been hoping to find out what happened, how I lost my domain name and I have to admit that it irritates the hell out of me.

Now....not only do I not have my previous blog address (and, no I'm not providing a hyperlink!!), but when I  by typed in my old URL (I was curious), I see that the blog that now resides there has some of my old content.  Why???  I have no idea what's going on.

The good news, I have bought a new domain name, this time I went through my wonderful server

The new domain will be very similar to my old one:

That's .net instead of .com.  Thanks to B. for suggesting that I buy this domain name.

It is now active so you can update your bookmarks for, what I believe, is the last time.  You should now be able to reach my blog with the new domain or with the address.

Thank goodness for the soothing qualities of knitting.  I'm making more socks and will post about them in a day or two.

Thanks for continuing to hang in there with me.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that your country-flag-counter thing is down. Why is that? I know you took great pride in having a site that was frequented by people throughout the world.

Joanne said...

It was just a bit of blog cleanup. It was fun to see where everyone was coming from but after a while I rarely looked at it. I do check the remaining widget for visitors and enjoy that very much.