Monday, June 18, 2012

Patchwork Sockalong - The Legs

I've joined in the fun of the Patchwork socks knitalong on Ravelry, or I should say, sockalong.  The purpose of the group is to make socks using yarns from your stash.  Many of the knitters are making one complete sock, followed by a second sock that is totally different.

I decided to make my socks match, more or less.  I'm working on both socks at the same time on two separate sets of double-pointed needles.  I do ten rows on one sock, then with the same yarn I knit ten rows of the second sock.  What I'm not doing is trying to match the stripes up so that they are identical.  If the yarn is variegated, then I take it as it comes, so I may be starting with a different color sequence.  The socks will be the same, but different!

It's going to be a surprise to see what these socks will look like when they are finished.  There is one thing that I do know, this will not be the only pair of Patchwork socks that I'll be making.  As I'm knitting along I'm thinking....maybe next time I make them in a particular colorway, e.g. blues, or maybe I'll make a more pastel pair of socks.  Heavens knows I've got the stash to make several pairs.  I started out with a group of yarns that I pulled from the stash and already I've tweaked my color choices.  I may have to make a pair in the future with no thought whatsoever to color...just pull something from the stash and that will be the next stripe.

Two more stripes and then I'll be turning the heels.  The Ravelry group deadline is June 30th.  I think I'll be finished in time.  I hope so.

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