Sunday, July 15, 2012

Calgary Stampede

It's been Stampede Week here in Calgary and it's been a very successful year for the world's biggest rodeo.  This year the Stampede turns 100.  Added to that, the fact that the weather has been mostly perfect and you get record-breaking crowds.

I didn't go to any of the rodeo events or musical stage shows.  I did go to family day and wandered around some of the animal buildings, walked along the midway, ate greasy food and drank a large container of lemonade with a whole lemon inside.

Braydon got to meet a horse, a Clydesdale, I think, judging by the furry feet.

We saw many real Clydesdales.  What large and magnificent horses they are.  Look how high the back is in comparison to the height of the man who is holding the rein.  What you can only see a little is that there is another man in behind who is cleaning the horse, with a vaccuum!

It seemed like many things were on a grand scale, including this tractor.  Drew and Braydon had to check it out, sitting inside one of the gigantic tires.

Celebrations went beyond Stampede Park and for a week, it seems like everyone was a cowboy, cowgirl or cowkid.  Cowkid?  Is that a word?  Some were authentic, some wannabees, but it was all good.  We were allowed, encouraged, to wear jeans to work and there were many people who also wore cowboy hats and boots.  On Tuesday the company I work for had a wonderful Stampede breakfast that went way beyond just pancakes, also including eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes and beans as well as a live band.  On Thursday we had our BBQ.  The catering company brought along their huge barbecue and offered chicken, beef and pulled pork along with mashed potatoes and lots of salads, and more.  Tomorrow, it's back to business attire and a sandwich for lunch.

Knitting content:  Of course there were sheep, including a black one, a.k.a. unfinished sweaters!

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Barb B said...

Lucky, lucky you! I have always wanted to go to Calgary Stampede. Now I can enjoy you having fun there. Great pictures!