Monday, July 2, 2012

Cast On, Bind Off

Every now and then a knitting book comes along that you know that you'll be referring to often for techniques and inspiration.  It promises to be well worn from use over the years.  I now have a new book that falls into that category:  "Cast On, Bind Off" by Leslie Ann Bestor.

I thought I knew quite a few ways to cast on or bind off stithes, but it appears that I have many more to learn.  Each technique is supported with text and excellent step-by-step photographs.  I like the size of the book (5.5 x 7 inches) as it fits nicely into my knitting bag.  It has a spiral binding so it'll lay flat while I try to manoever a new method. 

It's going to be a good reference and will help me decide which cast on I want to use:  moebius, stretchy, double-sided, cable, chained or Old Norwegian, for example..... or choosing the best bind off:  gathered, sloped, Icelandic or interlock, to name a few.  There are 33 cast-ons and 21 bind-offs in the book.

Leslie Ann Bestor has offered a book I didn't know that I needed and now I wonder how I ever got by without it.  The small bio on the back cover states that she is a knitting teacher and store manager at WEBS, a store that's on my must-visit list.  I found an audio interview with Leslie Ann, click here.

It I start to suffer from start-itis I can blame this book.  "I was just trying out a new cast on!"

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