Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wish You Were Here*

* I'm having a Pink Floyd moment!

It's been a while since I've had a contest.  It's time for another one, don't you think?

If you read earlier posts on my blog, you know that my domain got taken out from under me somehow.  I still haven't figured that one out yet.  Click here for the most recent blog post about it.  I've had no way of letting people know my new URL.  I've been able to alert some people that I know and some people have stumbled upon my new address.  This brings me to the contest...

CONTEST ENTRY:  If you put a link of my new URL on your blog, or mention my blog with it's new URL, you're entered. Alternately, you can leave the link on a Ravelry bulletin board or anywhere else that is viewable by a number of knitters.  You'll have to send me an email or post a comment so that I can see where the URL is listed. 

THE PRIZE is a nice one:  8 balls of Sirdar Persia Chunky yarn, a beautiful blue / almost teal color, #0398.  I don't see this color listed on the Sirdar website, so perhaps it's been discontinued, not sure.  While you can make whatever you like with your yarn, should you win, I'll include a pattern that will work with this yarn. 

There is enough to make this single-colored cardigan up to a finished size 41.5" / 105cm. However, if you want to make it larger, you could always find a source for the contrasting colored yarn, buy 3 balls, and you'll have enough for a finished size 49.75" / 126 cm.  Of course, you could use a different chunky yarn for the contrasting trim.

52% Wool, 42% Acrylic, 6% Nylon
Ball weight: 50g
Yardage:  85m / 93 yds
Needle size:  about a US #9 / 5.5 mm
Gauge:  14 sts x 19 rows = 4 inches / 10 cm on 5.5mm needles

 DEADLINE:  I will be choosing a winner at random from all entries and posting the winner's name on Wednesday, July 25th. 

Thanks for your help in getting the word out and GOOD LUCK!


Cyndi in BC said...

I shared your URL with facebook and twitter for you. :)

Here's the twitter link (not sure if it will work here):

Debbie said...

I posted on Ravelry here:

Thanks! Debbie

amchart said...

I posted on Ravelry here:


Anonymous said...

I posted here on Ravelry for you:

Rosebob on ravelry

Connie K. said...

I posted about your new URL on the Ravelry Ample Knitters board!

greyowl (ravelry id)

Susie Kline said...

I mentioned your site on my blog:

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the sidebar that shows the location of visitors to your blog. (I'm a first-timer, but will be back!)

It lists me as being in "Irrigon, Oregon". Close, but no cigar. I'm in Umatilla, Oregon, 10 miles down the road. Now, it's not unusual for people to not know where Umatilla is. (Can you say "wide spot in the road"?) But Irrigon is even smaller. (Wide spot in the cow path?)

Just thought it was funny.

--Lynda in Oregon

Anonymous said...

I just shared your URL on twitter for you.


also post on ravelry my ravelry name is


I know I am so original