Sunday, August 26, 2012

Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang

If you look on the sidebar you'll notice that I've added another countdown timer. (NOTE: It was taken down after the concert.) I put those there for myself more than anything else.  Part of the fun of going on vacation or going to a concert is the anticipation.  I like checking the timers and seeing the event growing closer and closer.

The new countdown is for a concert.  I managed to snag good seats at the upcoming show starring Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang.  It's no secret that I love excellent guitar playing and I like the blues, so this concert scores on both counts.  Buddy Guy is the kind of player that other musicians want to play with.  The Allman Brothers Concert that I went to in July was on the same day as Buddy Guy's 76th birthday and the band said Happy Birthday to him and then played "Wake Up Little School Girl" in his honor. 

Here's a clip I found on YouTube that's 15 years old and it sounds as good today as it did back then.   Jonny Lang is only 31 now so you can appreciate how good he was when he was only 16, playing with long-established musicians.

So now, I'll patiently (sort of) wait for one full month until the show, watching the time grow closer on the little counter. Enjoy the video clip.

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Coralee said...

Where is your concert, I am SO, SO envious. I saw Buddy several years ago and that smile is still sparkling! He's so into the crowd, so humble, always wanting to give his best for us.
A rarity with performers these days!
I'm happy for you and look forward to seeing photos and reading your account of the event.