Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday's post was a very positive one about yarn colors.  Today's is the opposite as I'm very disappointed.

Now, first, I know that you take a chance when you order yarn online.  You all know that disclaimer about colors looking different on individual monitors.  However, I ordered yarn online based on colors I already have.

Case #1:  Years ago I bought a skein of Koigu KPPPM, color #P124.  I really like the color and kept pulling the partial skein out of my stash, wondering what I might make with it, thinking it would make something wonderful.  I decided to order 3 more skeins and then I'd have enough for a project.  With so many colors in the skein I wasn't worried about dye lot, but I figured that the colors would at least be similar.  They weren't.

Take a look at the ball I bought years ago, on the left.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.  It's dark and lovely.  Now look at the one on the right.  It's a bright color and looks entirely different.  The colors are different, not just a lighter version of the earlier ball.

Case #2:  This earlier yarn is one that I talked about yesterday - the Navajo Sky colorway from Done Roving Yarns.  I loved the earlier one, shown on left, below.  It's rich in color with it's orange, turquoise and deep red.  Now look at the current version on the right.  The label isn't the only thing that's now different.  It's changed to a muddy looking, dark brick brown, green and only a tiny hint of a dirty turquoise.  Again, I wasn't worried about dye lots, but I did expect to get the same colorway.

If there is going to be such drastic changes in color, shouldn't these companies give the yarn a new name and number so the knitter doesn't buy their yarn and find that it's so very different?

I don't know what I'll do with my new, disappointing colors.  Everything I liked about the earlier versions is missing from the new ones.  I kind of like the new Koigu color but I have no plans to make anything with it.  It'll likely take up residence in my stash for a long time to come.  As for the Done Roving color, I just don't know.  It doesn't appeal to me.  I would not have bought it if I saw it in a store.

Two thumbs down to both Koigu and Done Roving Yarns. I won't be buying yarn from either company unless I see it in person and love it...and it's going to have to be spectacular.

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Jen B said...

Wow those colours are really different! Sorry you didn't get what you wanted. :(