Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Few Good Things

When I started the week I had completed 152 diamonds and 20 edge triangles of my "I've Got The Blues" afghan, picture below.  Now I'm up to 191 diamonds and 26 triangles.  I'm moving right along at a pace I like. All internal ends have been woven in and I've decided on the yarn that I'll use for the border. 

While surfing some knitting sites online (can't remember which ones) I came across a picture that I thought was funny.  What a creative use of snow!  Now, if the snow here in Calgary would just go away for good, that would be a good thing.  

 At least I'm getting a reprieve from the cold and snow for a while as I'm traveling to one of my favorite places soon, Savannah, Georgia.  Since I was there last a new yarn shop has opened up, The Frayed Knot.  


I'm looking forward to visiting and picking up a ball of yarn to add to my Travel Afghan.  I already know that they carry a yarn that I like a lot by the Copper Corgi.  I've become somewhat of a collector of Copper Corgi yarn.  I'd better leave some space in my luggage for "souvenirs" after seeing this photo, and I understand more yarn is arriving.

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