Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yesterday, while at the mall, I wandered into Stokes kitchen shop (in Calgary) just to browse and found some knitterly things that I couldn't resist:

This was advertised as being a canister, but my first impression was that it would make a good holder for straight knitting needles if I removed the wooden lid.

I didn't realize just how tall this canister is until I brought it home and put a few of my long straight needles in it, pictured on the right.  They are only a couple of inches taller than the container, so my shorter needles would disappear completely from view.  No worries, however.  I'm now seeing this as a nice decoration all by itself, or as a vase to hold some tall flowers likes irises or sunflowers.

Now the best part.  It was on sale for $4.94 plus tax.  No, I didn't forget a number or move the decimal point to the wrong position - only $4.94!!

But wait, there's more.  I couldn't resist picking up a package of mugs.  These weren't on sale, but still only cost less than $10.00 plus tax for a package of two.  I paid more than that for a single, similar mug, at Starbuck's a couple of years ago.

Total bill, including the tax, for the canister and two mugs:  $13.57!  The name of the pattern is "Cable Knit".  Sounds right to me!  By the way, there was one other piece there that I didn't check out, perhaps a tea pot.


Wool free and lovin knit said...

love that canister -- I'd still use it for your long needles since all you need to see is the top -- it's awesome! And wow, what a bargain basement price. You could put your short needles in the mug!

Anonymous said...

put a piece of styrofoam in the bottom :)

Jen B said...

Wow - what great deals! The mug is just fantastic.