Sunday, March 3, 2013

Savannah Yarn Shops

One of the things I like about traveling is the chance to visit yarn stores to see what's different, and what's the same, than what I have locally.

This time I went to a shop that is fairly new in Savannah, The Frayed Knot and met the charming owner, Jennifer.

She has a good variety of yarns and more coming every day.  She has yarn from a local dyer that is a particular favorite of mine, The Copper Corgi.  The only yarn I bought on this trip was a skein of gray Copper Corgi yarn in a color called "Spanish Moss" - very fitting name for the area.  When I asked Jennifer for another weight of Copper Corgi yarn that wasn't on the shelves she immediately offered to get it for me.  You can't beat that kind of customer service.  Check out this wall of color:

I'm starting to work on an original design using the yarn that I bought on this trip.  Right now it's nothing more than a few notes but it's becoming clearer as to what I want to do.  More on that later on.  There is a bead shop at the back of the store which I didn't check out too closely on this visit.

When I go back to Savannah again next year The Frayed Knot will be a definite stop for me, and Jennifer and I will be staying in touch in the meantime.  I look forward to it.

When the weather isn't too pleasant what does a knitter do but go to check out another yarn store: Unwind Yarn and Gifts.  It, too, was a friendly and inviting shop - more of the Southern charm that I like so much.  It has a good selection of yarn although I didn't see anything local. It was packed full of knitters and a class was going on in the back.

Aside from the yarn, what caught my eye was this round display area.  Wouldn't I love to have that to store my stash?

When I first visited the south I was very pleasantly surprised by the yarn stores.  I expected to find only a small selection of yarns such as cotton and linen.  Instead, knitting is popular using all kinds of fibers from a large variety of companies.

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betty said...

Lucky you to find the frayed knot open. i had planned my sunday around the hours posted and went sightseeing returning at 3;30 to buy some souvenir yarn, only to find the owner on her way out to a baby shower and closing early. what a dissapoinment. I don't blame her for closing early for a family event or whatever but a sign on the door would have altered me and i wouldn't have returned early from beaufort (where the yarn store is closed sunday and monday). As I'm from canada i wont be back that way.