Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Year of UFOs

Last year I had a goal of knitting 12 pairs of socks in 12 months.  I fell a bit short of that goal, completing 9 pairs, but for a very good reason:  knitting for my new Granddaughter who came into the world on November 7th.

This year, I have a different goal.  This time I want to make a dent into my UFOs (Unfinished Objects).  I'm going to start off simply with a pair of socks that I started on the plane when I went to Maryland at the end of July, the Maryland socks.  How did I ever come up with such a creative name?

When I set them aside they were about 3/4 completed.  I should have these done in a couple of days.  Maybe I should keep a tally to see how many pairs I complete this year.

The blue afghan is getting most of my attention and it's 75% finished, not counting the border.  I wonder how many other knitters get a knitter's high when they finish a project?

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