Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spanish Moss

I don't know about all of you but I'm more than a little tired of winter.  The calendar says that it's spring but when I look out the window today, here in Calgary, all I see is the snow coming down.  At least it's good day to stay inside and knit.  It seems that I've said that a lot since last October.

Has it really been 6 weeks since I was in Savannah where it was warm and the flowers were blooming?  Whenever I go on a trip I like to visit a yarn shop and pick up a skein of yarn that is indicative of the area....e.g. the name of the yarn, a local yarn, the color, etc. 

For my Savannah trip I added a block to my Travel Afghan from The Copper Corgi, a Savannah dyer, in a color that's called "Spanish Moss".  I love the dramatic look of the Spanish moss hanging from the trees in the area.  This picture was taken on February 24th in Forsyth Park.  You can see a little of the beautiful fountain in the background.

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The Spanish moss looks rather green in my photo, above, picking up the colors of the vegetation around it, but it's really more gray, as it is in the yarn.

I'll take a picture of the finished afghan block and the details in my next post.  For now, it's time for some hot tea!

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Barb B said...

Well, 28 would be warm today in Littleton. At last check it is 16 degrees and still snowing. Springtime in the Rockies!