Sunday, June 2, 2013

Say Hello to My Little Friend

There's a new resident in the Rhythm of the Needles household.  His name is Swatch and was a gift from my very good friend Barb B. 

Swatch has emigrated to Canada from Santa Fe, New Mexico and has an interesting heritage:

He was made by Norman Willie who is a Navajo Indian from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona.  The tag that came with Swatch reads:  "Hand crafted Navajo folkart expresses how the Navajo view their world and the people, animals, and spirits in it.  Colorful and whimsical, they are a great reminder of the culture that is the Navajo people.  Each unique and different, made just for you from the hands of true craftsmen."

With all the yarn around him, Swatch is going to feel comfortable in his new home in Calgary.

Thanks, Barb!

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