Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sprössling - Finally at the Finish LIne

There is project that I'm calling "done", even though there are no buttons on the cardigan.  I want to wait until I find the right ones.  I've been to a few shops but often the selection in the mauve/lavender section is sparse.  That's okay.  When the weather cools down I'll still be able to wear this sweater, even without the buttons.  I should look in my button stash.  Now, there's a revolutionary new idea.  I haven't looked in it for a while and I'm fairly sure that there are no matching buttons but, perhaps, I'll find something that compliments the color instead.  Silver, pewter, clear?  I really must look.

This is a sweater that I had to make after I saw my friend, Pam S. wearing hers.  It was beautiful and the green was perfect for her.  I immediately added Sprössling to my must-make queue.  This was a couple of years ago.  Little by little, I'm working through the projects in my stash.


Pattern:  Sprössling, by Anne Hanson
* 6 x 50 gram skeins
Color #08 - Lilac
This is tightly plied yarn that gives great stitch definition and relaxes beautifully when blocked.

 I purchased the yarn back on July 10, 2010 and it sat in my stash until April of this year.  I bought it at Wooden Spools in Englewood (Denver), Colorado - an excellent shop with lots of bargains to be found.  It was a bargain at only $4.00/skein. 
 Needles: US 3/3.25 mm & US 4/3/5 mm

* Notes:   I 'think' I used only 6 skeins, but it might have been 7.  I lost track.
My Ravelry link is here.
I wouldn't hesitate to make this cardigan again, perhaps changing the lace pattern just for variety and using the basic design as the template.  It's such a wearable sweater.  The pattern is excellent, well-written.


Anonymous said...

Hello just came across your blog. If you don't find the buttons you're looking for, why not knit some frog closures.

Joanne said...

Good idea and I'll certainly keep that in mind if I don't find buttons that I like. Thanks!