Sunday, August 4, 2013

Color Affection - The Beginning

The Kusha Kusha scarf is coming along nicely.  With the long weekend (= more knitting time) here in Canada, I'm hoping to finish, or at least come close to finishing.

I've started another project, too.  I needed something that I could carry along that would be interesting to work on but simple enough to remember.  I've always got a sock on the needles but was looking for something else. My solution was the very popular pattern, Color Affection (Ravelry link).  I've heard so many good things about the shawl.  As a matter of fact, one of my friends made two of them!

I had yarn from the road trip to Edmonton in June but wasn't sure if the two brands of yarn would work together even though they are both classified as fingering weight.  Adam & Eve, the house-yarn for River City Yarns is a little heavier than the Ancient Arts BFL yarn that I bought at the Olds Fibre event. 

The two yarns at the top are from Ancient Arts - left:  Nigeria, right:  Cinnamon Toast.  On the bottom is the Adam & Eve yarn from River City Yarns.  There was no color name on the label.  I'm hoping that these colors will give the shawl a Southwest feel.

I've worked to the beginning of the striping section and the yarns appear to be working together nicely.  The project is a GO!

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