Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shopping for Color

It's fun to shop for yarn in person but sometimes the yarns you want aren't available at your local yarn store, so you look to the internet.  Usually you will see a note that the "color may be different on your monitor".  I found that to be very true with Dream in Color Smooshy.

Case #1:  I plan to make the cardigan Oranje and wanted to replicate the colors that I saw in this picture on Ravelry - click here.  When I look at this sweater I see a blend of terracotta, sky/turquoise blue and an off-white leaning towards light yellow. I ordered exactly the same colors and they turned out to be much more brown, navy blue and light yellow with hints of pink. 

Case #2:  I like the cardigan Miss Lemon that I spotted on Ravelry.  It's a lovely and practical design and I ordered it as soon as I saw it.

The color in the picture is called Strange Harvest.  I went to the Dream in Color Smooshy to look at the color card and Strange Harvest looks like this:

The difference is quite dramatic.  I would call the color in the sweater picture to be in the green family with a touch of yellow.  The one on the skein appears more orange to brown.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love Smooshy yarn, but it's one yarn that I'll buy in person from now on if I'm looking for a specific shade or color.  I don't understand why the color can look one way on a garment and very differently on the online color page.  All colors are lovely, but if I'm looking for a specific shade, I'll buy it in person.  I haven't decided on a color for my Miss Lemon cardigan but I'll be going to a LOT of yarn stores during the yarn crawl in Denver in September.  I'm sure that I'll find something that "speaks to me" and I expect I'll be buying one of Dream in Color Smooshy's pretty shades for my Miss Lemon cardigan.

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