Sunday, September 8, 2013

Charlotte Yarn

The visit to Charlotte, North Carolina was very nice.  It's a pretty city and I was most impressed with the people and also the way they drive.  During my entire visit I didn't have a single person driving within inches of my back bumper (a pet peeve of mine).  The people were polite and charming and I loved the accents. As for the heat and humidity, let's just say "thank goodness for air conditioning".  According to the weather report on TV, I arrived on the hottest day of the year - 96F.

Of course, no trip would be complete without a trip to a yarn store and I stopped into three of them.  My favorite was Charlotte Yarn.  I'd previously exchanged a couple of emails with the owner, Remi, and looked forward to meeting her.  She is the most welcoming person and made me feel right at home in her shop.  It was fun to sit and chat with her for a bit and to browse through her lovely shop:

I expected yarn shops in the South to be filled with cottons and linens and it surprised me to find wool, alpaca and blends.  I had that same surprise when I visited a shop in Macon, GA a couple of years ago. Travel Afghan block.

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