Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kusha Kusha Finished

I realized today that I didn't blog about my finished Kusha Kusha scarf.  I started it in mid-July.  I was a little slow in getting started as I had to get used to knitting the very thin yarns, about the thickness of thread, on size 5.0 mm/US #8 needles.  Once I did, it was an enjoyable and fairly quick knit.  It was finished on August 7th. 

I was making this for a special lady in Denver who has been a good friend to me for more than a decade.  I liked the finished scarf but after I felted it, as it says in the pattern, I thought it looked more like a rag and I decided not to give it to her when I was in Denver in September.  One day, I was holding it and started pulling at the sides of the scarf, then the middle and the look was improving little by little.  It didn't have the heavily felted areas surrounded by open was more even.  Now, I like it. 

If I make another one, which is a possibility since I have the yarn, I would make a change.  The pattern has you working with the stainless steel/silk yarn at one end only.  I would do it on both ends.  This would also make the scarf just a bit longer, which I'd like.


Pattern:  Kusha Kusha Scarf from Habu.  
The pattern was in the kit but it's also available free at The Purl Bee.
Kit #78 has been discontinued but the yarn is still available.

Yarn:  Habu Textiles A-177 Super Fine Merino
100% Merino, fine lace weight
Cone: 747 yards, didn't use the entire cone.
Color #28, brown, which I think has been discontinued.

Habu Textiles A-20/21 1/20 Silk Stainless Steel
69% Silk - 31% Stainless Steel, fine lace weight
Cone:  622 yards, very little remaining.
Color #2, black.

  Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Note:  The stainless steel yarn is not at all difficult to knit with and gives the scarf scrunchability.
This kit has been in my stash for at least 3 years, so I've proudly earned another "Knitting From The Stash" badge for myself!

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