Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Of course, I had to visit a yarn store while I was in San Antonio.  Visiting a shop or two during a trip is a must and I found a warm and friendly one called Yarnivore. I like the name and I do understand having an appetite for yarn.

I was welcomed by George who showed me around the shop, explaining how the yarn was sorted, which was by weight.

The shop is bright and cheery and there were plenty of temptations on the shelves, including books and notions.  I bought a circular needle called a "sock rocket", which is new to me.  It's lovely to work with, although I don't know the difference between it and the Addi lace needles.  Both have good points and a flexible cord.

George asked me if I was a spinner and I told him that I wasn't, that I'd never tried.  He was walking around the shop spinning with a drop spindle.  He explained to me how it was done and the next thing I knew I had the spindle in my hands and I was giving it a try.  I could tell that spinning could be very tempting to me if I didn't already have enough yarn to last me for a good long time, so I don't need to create more.

After I tried the spinning, he showed me how the yarn could twist back on itself, plied so that it stabilized.  I have to admit that I rather enjoyed myself and he is a good teacher.  Check out the picture from my instant mini-lesson.  I know that you're impressed!  He also talked about weaving and this is something that I've thought about for quite a while.  Maybe someday.  Maybe.  So many temptations.

It's probably a good thing that I don't live near the shop or George would have me trying out all kinds of new things.... just at a time when I'm trying to use the yarn that I already have.

I was on a mission to find yarn for my Travel Afghan to represent my trip to Texas.  I found it and will be blogging about it soon.  Did I mention how much I liked the shop? 

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