Friday, January 10, 2014

EastEnders Scarf

I admit to a guilty pleasure:  the British soap, "EastEnders".  I've been watching it on and off for decades.  Recently I spotted an interesting scarf on the character of Terry Spraggen, Jr., aka Terry Jr, aka TJ - the son of Bianca's currently-off-again boyfriend. 

I wonder about its origins.  Is it machine or hand-knit?  Was it purchased in a store or did someone knit it for him, or maybe he's a knitter?  Why not?  Maybe it's a fair isle sweater that's been cut down into a scarf.

The colors are rich and lovely together.  I think I've seen some of these patterns before.  I don't think I've ever seen the design that's medium blue on a navy blue background.  I'll be watching for the scarf to make an appearance again sometime.

I can't be the only one who watches the knitwear in TV shows, can I?


Unknown said...

Ive got that exact one my mum got me it for xmas will find out for you

Unknown said...

It was from matalan or primark she cant remember bless her

Joanne said...

Thanks for solving the mystery. Your Mum has good taste! It's a great-looking scarf.

Anonymous said...

can yu find me a link please

Anonymous said...

If you do find a link I'd be grateful if you let me know too! :) Thanks!