Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day

I admit that I don't know the game of football, but I've been watching the Denver Broncos games lately and I'm learning a little.  The most important thing that I know is that if a Broncos player is running toward the line at the end of the field, and if he crosses that line, and if the Broncos fans go nuts, it's a good thing!

There's been a lot of excitement this year, starting with the acquisition of  Peyton Manning and now, with a chance of playing in the SuperBowl on the horizon.  I'll be watching today's game and knitting my Anatolia sweater.

Back in November, 2000 I made a Broncos knitting graph for friends in Denver to use on a sweater, scarf, whatever they wanted.  It was a free graph as long as it wasn't used for any commercial projects.  I wouldn't want to get into trouble with the Bronco organization!  So, I dug it out and here it is again.  If you make anything with this graph, why not email me a picture?  I'd love to see what you make. 
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Go Denver Broncos!

 4:00 pm Mtn. time - Edited to add... !!!

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amchart said...

Yes! Go Broncos! We love Peyton!