Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rowan 55

Twice a year I absolutely love picking up the mail when my Rowan magazine arrives.  Today was one of those days.  This is what the back of the protective covering looked like:

I wasn't expecting Rowan 55 (Spring/Summer) to arrive for a few more weeks so this was a very pleasant surprise.  Along with the magazine came the newsletter. 

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So far, I've only had time to look at the pictures and I've found two sweaters that I particularly like.  One is Madonna.  I like the simple styling and the choice of the soft natural shades.  It would make a nice sweater to wear with a skirt or with jeans - very versatile and practical.  I love lots and lots of colors, but there are times when I like to wear a more subtle design.  

(c) Rowan Yarns
The other sweater is shown on a man, but it looks very unisex to me, a basic pullover called Guido.  What I like are the blending of the colors.  This picture doesn't really do the sweater justice.

(c) Rowan Yarns
There are a number of lacy, very feminine designs that are pretty to look at but I'm not sure I'll make any of them.  I've made a number of shawls and scarves and don't need anymore at the moment.  As well, there are some other sweaters that I'm sure will be calling to me before long.  For now, however, I'm going to savor the magazine, pour over each and every design and read the articles, and will start counting the time until the Rowan #56 arrives.

I confess that I bought some yarn today in order to start my Jubilee Afghan.  Since it's going to take many months, maybe years, to complete, I was anxious to get this project off the ground a little so today's purchase will get it started.  I'll be posting updates.

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Dayana Knits said...

No way, you are not the only one! One of my favorite parts of watching all the umpteen seasons on Netflix of Murder She Wrote was seeing what kind of crazy intarsia sweater would appear in the next scene. I started screen capturing some of them for a Pinterest board, but have been too lazy to compile them!