Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bohus - Finished

I should be typing the word FINISHED in capital letters as it's about time.  I started on June 29th, 2010 - almost four years ago.  I do have an excuse for part of the delay.  The knitting got set aside when I moved from Denver to Calgary.  My other excuse is that, when I put it away, I had the  colorful yoke finished and all that remained was the hundreds of black stitches. I call them excuses, but the real reason is that other projects came along and I only thought of the Bohus occasionally.

Actually, this sweater has been an absolute joy to knit.  I love the pattern, the yarns are soooo nice and, best yet, I was knitting along with friends.  A group of us would get together at a room at the Centennial, CO library and work on our sweaters.  We were the "Bo-hussies"!  There was the friendship and the chance to see other Bohus sweaters in person.  Some have finished their sweaters, other are still in progress but I'm hoping that I'll get to see them in July. (Corner Baker, ladies, see you then....bring your show-and-tell!  I'm challenging you to finish if you haven't already done so.)  One day I would really like to make another Bohus, possibly a cardigan next time. 


Pattern:  Large Lace Collar Bohus Pullover

Size:  Small

Yarn:  Bohus 50% Angora - 50% Merino Yarn laceweight from SOLsilke.
There are many colors, more than what you see at first glance.

edited to add:  I've just learned that the kits are no longer available and that the yarn is discontinued.  After years of the kits being put together it's very sad that this is no longer the case.  A Bohus can be made with other yarn but there was something special about using the original, given the rich history of Bohus knitting.  It seems that it's the end of an era.  If I'd known it was coming I would have stashed a couple more kits for future knitting.

  Needles: US #0/2.0 mm and US #1.5/2.5 mm

I changed the purl stitches in the yoke to all knit, preferring the smoother look.  Otherwise, I followed the pattern as written.

Click on picture to enlarge.
Bohus Background resources: If you like the Bohus sweaters you would likely enjoy the video that chronicles the history of these very special garments.

An excellent book is Poems in Color by Wendy Keele.

Some of the history of Bohus knitting can be found here.

Bohus knitting is included in Knitting In the Old Way by  Pricilla Gibson-Roberts.

There are many fine Bohus-inspired designs and lovely yarns available.  One is Kimmet Croft Fiber..

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Hooray! And, good for you! It is beautiful.