Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rowan Afghan Knitalong Progress

Back on May 18th I started knitting an afghan as part of the Rowan Mystery Knitalong.  There would be one clue published each Monday (some came out early, one was late) which the knitter was to repeat for 6 blocks. After 8 weeks we would have enough blocks for a 48-square afghan. For week 9 we were given the instructions for the trim, a cabled border that is knitted separately and then attached.  The last clue, due on June 23rd, will give instructions for assembly.

Suggestions were given for the color scheme for a 17-color, 4-color, etc. afghans using Rowan's new Pure Wool Worsted yarn.  I decided to make a 48-color afghan using the yarn from my stash.  Some of my colors might be close, but they are all different, no repeats.  I'm a little behind, but catching up, because I stopped for a while to knit a baby sweater for a shower.  I've blocked each square as soon as it's completed.

Top row (left to right):  
Week 1 - Garter Stitch Waves; Week 2 - Nordic Star; 
Week 3 - Heirloom Lace; Week 4 - Lace Kisses

Bottom row (left to right):  
Week 5 - Dots and Dashes; Week 6 - Little Doughnuts;
Week 7 - French Plait; and Week 8 - Ripple Cable

I've finished up 31 blocks.  You can see 30 of them in the picture, above.  Number 31 (a week 8 square in pale gray) is on the blocking board and now number 32 (from week 6 - dark, almost navy blue) is on the needles.

31 Blocks completed, 17 Left to go
I'm now getting to the point where I'm anxious to see how this is going to look when finished.  I don't know, yet, what color I'll use for the border.  White or off-white perhaps?  Black?  A bright color or something more subdued.  When the 48 blocks are finished I'll lay them out and decide what to use, and see what's in my stash.

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