Saturday, August 9, 2014

Amazing Race Canada - Yukon

If you've been watching The Amazing Race Canada on TV you likely saw the last episode where the contestants were in the Yukon.  The tasks included dogsledding, portaging and canoeing, a biathlon in which they had to bicycle for 1 km and then shoot at 5 targets, and "make your bed".  For "make your bed" the contestants were required to set up a campsite identical to one that was done.  A wildness expert then checked what they'd done and, if approved, gave them their next clue.

It was all very exciting and to say that the scenery was spectacular is an understatement.  But, being a knitter, something else also caught my eye:  the sweater worn by the wilderness expert.  This is a blurry picture of it (when I hit Pause, the picture would go blurry) but you can see the design.

Click to enlarge.
This looks like a Dale of Norway sweater, but which one?  Is it one that is ready-made or is there a pattern for it?  It looks like there are edelweiss on it.  I don't recognize the design but I certainly do like it.

MYSTERY SOLVED:  Thanks to Mary deB I know now that the sweater is indeed a Dale of Norway design and there is a pattern.  It's called Norge 2000.  I found this link where you can get the pattern if you want it.  Thanks for the great detective work, Mary!


Mary deB said...

Is it this:

Mary deB said...

Wait, no, maybe this:

Dayana Knits said...

Great find. I thought it was Lillehammer from far away, but the flowers are even better. On my list!