Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rowan - Time To Start Sewing

As usual I'm balancing more than one knitting project.  Today, I'm going back to my Rowan afghan.  The squares are finished and blocked and it's time to assemble them.

Click on picture to enlarge.
My blanket is different from the original in some ways:
  • Instead of making it in 1, 4 or 17 colors I used 48 colors.  It'll be 49 colors when you count the border.
  • The original was knit with the new Rowan Worsted Weight yarn.  I used yarn that was anything but new.  It's all stash yarn in fingering weight.
  • I won't be making the cabled border.  Instead, I plan to knit a garter stitch border in 1 color, well, maybe 2.  I'll decide when I get there.
The next decision is the layout.  I'd like to have it so that no two patterns touch each other, i.e. no Clue #1 touches another Clue #1.  Hopefully it won't be too difficult and that the colors end up looking pleasant enough together.

This afghan is going to be considerably smaller than the original since I used thinner yarn and smaller needles, and that's what I wanted.  I was looking for a small afghan that my little grandkids can use for a nap or a fort, or anything they like, when they come to visit.  I'm betting that they'll like all the colors.  When I look at this I think back to when I was a kid and got a box of 48 crayons and how cool I thought it was!

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