Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tortoiseshell Cat

It's much, much too early to think about Christmas.  Regardless of what the ads on TV or in the newspaper say, Christmas is NOT in July, or August.

Having said that... I'm knitting a Christmas present.  Huh?  The perfect project came to mind.  A friend and co-worker loves cats and has 4 of them.  One is a Tortoiseshell Cat and Ancient Arts has a Tortoiseshell-color yarn.
(c) Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts
It's part of their Meow Collection and part of the proceeds goes to help take care of abandoned cats and will help them find a good home.  You can read more about this worthy cause here.

I chose the DK weight yarn and the Rustic Potato Chip Scarf pattern.  It's free, by the way!  It's an excellent pattern to use with variegated yarn and so much fun to knit.  After you've completed about 4 inches the scarf begins to twist.  Right from the beginning it's an easy to remember the pattern.  All you have to do is to be able to count to 8, 6 or 4.

There are only 20 stitches on the needle and I'm using a pair of double-pointed needles in US size 8 because I wanted short needles.  The stoppers at the end give me peace of mind that the stitches won't fall off the needle when I set it down.

I'm already thinking of making this scarf for myself in the future - but what color will I choose for me?

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