Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Open Letter

Dear Mother Nature,

On looking at the calendar I see that the date is September 10th and that it is still SUMMER.  Autumn is still a couple of weeks away and it's more than 3 months until winter.  That is the natural order.  Now correct me if I'm wrong, but here is my thinking:

SUMMER - hot weather, outdoor barbecues, swimming, shorts and t-shirts, fans, too hot to knit an afghan, leaves on the trees, flowers

AUTUMN - cooler days, a little crispness to the air, leaves changing color and falling off the trees, knitting is more comfortable, jackets, the start of hockey season

WINTER - snow, cold, knitting warm afghans, furnace is running 24/7, warm sweaters and heavy coats, snow boots

So, please explain to me why, when the calendar says it's SUMMER do I see this?

and this.....

These pictures were taken on Monday.  It's now Wednesday, day 3, and there is more snow on the ground and, I might add, it's still SUMMER.  Or so the calendar says. 

The pictures were taken as I was stopped in traffic.  Traffic was moving very slowly because of the slippery streets.  That's not supposed to happen in SUMMER.

I might also add that my furnace is on, I'm wearing my snow boots and warm coat, I've got thoughts of Christmas shopping in my head for heaven's sake even though Thanksgiving, Hallowe'en,and Remembrance Day are still off in the future.  Regular season of hockey is still a month away.

So, Mother Nature, please admit that you've made a great error by bringing us the cold weather and dumping this snow on us and do the right thing.  Warm up the city with sun, melt the snow, bring us back to SUMMER..  I'll try not to hold it against you that my flowers are dead, mort, tot, muertos, done for the year.

Thank you,


Disgruntled in Calgary


pam S. said...

Oh no! We are still picking tomatoes from the garden here in Denver:)

Anonymous said...

Well Daahh, it is Global Warming, just listen to the "scientists" LOL