Sunday, December 6, 2015

Visiting Lithuania

I love to knit and I love to travel, that's no secret, but I'm not able to go everywhere.  Thank goodness for those who write books so that I can visit go vicariously through them.  This time, I'm in Eastern Europe in the country of Lithuania thanks to Donna Druchunas and June Hall.

The book is called Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions.  Donna is a friend and when she asked me to do some test knitting, I was happy to be able to do it.  I was thrilled to see my name on the Acknowledgments page! Lithuania is near and dear to Donna's heart and she has talked in the past about her trips.  It's the home of her great-grandparents and that special bond is obvious as your read through the book.  You feel like you are there with her.  

It was a good mail day when this arrived and I saw the completed book.
The book starts out with an introduction, telling why it was written, and then goes on to the country itself.  I was learning about the culture and the people as well as the knitting and I could imagine myself in the many pictures.  

From there the book educates you about the wool and how it's processed.  I found this particularly interesting, having recently visited the Jamieson & Smith mill in Shetland, Scotland - and then goes on to the knitting is various cities in Lithuania.

The last half of the 223-page is full of knitting patterns for mittens and gloves, socks and wrist warmers.  There is something for every knitter:  texture, beading, stranding, lace.  The patterns are beautiful.  

By the way... Donna has also created a DVD about Lithuanian sock knitting.  

Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions is a very welcome addition to my knitting library. Thanks, Donna and June, for the trip with you to Lithuania.   

Where are we going next?

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