Monday, February 15, 2016

Conquering Machu Picchu

No, I'm not climbing Machu Picchu in Peru, although I wish I could.  That would be amazing.

Instead, I'm knitting Sunday Knits' Machu Picchu pullover.  It is knit using their own yarns which are rich in color and wonderfully soft.  My hands are loving the feel of them as I'm knitting.

Click on the picture to enlarge.
In the picture, the neckline is at the bottom as this is where the knitting starts - working neck down.  I've finished the colored yoke and now I'm doing the diamond shapes in duplicate stitch.  There are 36 diamonds and so far I've completed 16.  I've made one change to the diamonds:

The color repeats after every 5 diamonds, then you're to do five more in the same sequence, except that upper diamonds become lower diamonds.  By doing this, however, I would end up with two of the same color next to each other.  Instead, I've added one more color option and I'm repeating after every 6, ignoring whether they are located on the upper site of the zig zag or the lower.

Soon, I'll be working plain black for the rest of the sweater.  It should go fairly quickly.  I have quite a bit of the colored yarn left over...maybe even enough to make a pair of fair isle mittens.  Not for this winter...but maybe for next.

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