Sunday, June 12, 2016

So Much World To Explore

I'm looking forward to some travel next week....back to Denver to see friends, do some knitting, take a road trip and listen to some music.  It doesn't get much better than that.

The road trip will be to a favorite destination:  The Loopy Ewe yarn shop in Fort Collins.  It big, spotlessly clean and well-stocked with all kinds of temptations.  The four of us always claim that we don't "need" anything, but manage to find something that we can't live without anyway!

Before that, however, will be a visit to another favorite shop:  Fancy Tiger in Denver.  It's celebrating it's 10th Anniversary.  How time flies.  I remember when it opened.  It's a unique shop with a bit of everything for the knitter or sewer.  It's got a charm that is irresistible.  I took an excellent dyeing class there a few years ago.

(c) Fancy Tiger Crafts

For music, it doesn't get much better than Gladys Knight.  She'll be performing at Hudson Gardens.  I've looked at the long-range forecast and the weather looks like it'll be good.  Here's hoping that the report is correct.  [Still on my bucket list is a visit to Gladys Knight's restaurant in Atlanta].

(c) Gladys Knight

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