Sunday, July 24, 2016

Countdown to SWW

With it being about the midway point of summer the conversations I hear around me most often are about vacations:  Are you going anywhere?  What are you doing?  How long are you taking off work? etc.

My answer is that I'm working all summer, saving my vacation time for a trip back to Shetland in September.  I was there last year and love the place.  It's remote, but has an unique energy and a wonderful culture.  Last year I was there a week before Shetland Wool Week and I'm glad I saw it in its "quieter state" - able to enjoy it without crowds.

This year I'm going to be there for the full of SWW and I'm expecting it to be different, more crowded.  I'm looking forward to this visit just as much.  I expect to meet people from all over the world who just happen to be knitters, as well.  I'm taking classes, will be visiting studios, enjoying Sunday tea, sightseeing and knitting with others every chance I get. 

I hate to wish the summer away (winter comes too quickly and is too long), but I'm looking forward to being in Shetland again. 

Enjoy this video I found about Shetland Wool Week (filmed last year).  I see some familiar faces:  Oliver Henry from Jamieson & Smith, Hazel Tindall - the world's fastest knitter and Di Gilpin, designer.  I was lucky enough to listen to them speak, take a class and visit a studio. 

For more videos and more information about Shetland, here's an excellent link.

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