Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Yarn Harlot Talks Colour

Today I was lucky enough to take a class on colour with The Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Pudding Yarn shop brought her to Calgary.

Click on photo to enlarge.
She taught us about how different people (and animals) see colours, about our eyes and their rods and cones,  I don't think I've learned this much science since school.  It was fascinating.

We examined the colour wheel, and she had one laid out in yarn on the floor:

We had a discussion of primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  There are complimentary colours, colour value, saturation, additive and subtractive colours, and the neutrals.

Stephanie taught us about the use of colours in projects and it was interesting to learn what colours will go together and why, and how to tone down bright, in-your-face color combinations.

Not only was the class educational, but it was often funny as well - just what you'd expect from The Yarn Harlot.  She doesn't disappoint. I'm obviously in a color mode lately as I signed up for two color classes at Shetland Wool Week.  Unfortunately one of them was cancelled as the teacher was not going to be able come for medical reasons, but I do have another one to look forward to called "Mood Boards & Colour" with Joanna Hunter.

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