Saturday, October 1, 2016

Photos of Shetland - Part 1

Only 2 of the approximately 80 Hap Shawls on display in Ollaberry:

Knitters and spinners in action - wonderful tea and cakes afterwards:

Ella Gordon designed the official hat of Wool Week, the Crofthoose Hat, based on this house near Ollaberry:

Opening ceremonies. The Up Helly Aa (fire festival) group joined hosts and speakers on the stage. At the intermission I got to try on the hat with the huge black feathers, which were real, and hold the ax and shield. 

Ella Gordon, this year's Wool Week patron, gave a lovely welcoming speech:

And knitting-themed cupcakes were shared with all:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cup cakes----your time on Shetland is coming to a close. Looking forward to catching up when you get home. Safe travels Hi to all :-)

Barb B said...

It all looks beautiful and altogether wonderful!