Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Photos of Shetland - Part 2

Some of the shops:

Shetland Designer in Cunningsburgh - gorgeous knits of the highest quality.  A sweater and a pair of gloves will be following me home.

Shetland Times Bookshop - the place to find everything that's been printed about Shetland, and more. 

Jamieson & Smith Wool Store. In the part of the building, to the left of the picture, you can talk to  Oliver Henry who works sorting fleeces. 

Inside Jamieson & Smith - and this is only a fraction of the wool that they have. They will ship yarn to you.  Note the stack of gray bags to the left that are ready for mailing.  

Ella Gordon works in the shop.  Here she is wearing her Crofthoose vest.  The design was inspired by Canadian Cowichan sweaters and incorporates her signature Crofthoose design. 

A display of colorful knitting belts.

Gudrun Johnston was teaching a class when I visited.

On Commercial Street you can find Jamieson's Knitwear store - no connection to Jamieson & Smith. They have gorgeous wool, sweaters, coats and accessories. You can also visit the mill, take a tour and shop in the mill store.

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