Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Photos of Shetland - Part 3

This time I'm sharing signs.

I found two signs in the ladies room at the Peerie Shop Cafe that I liked.  First, this whimsical poem:

Click on picture to enlarge.
And this instruction that gives good advice about turning on the cold water tap as well as the hot water.  I don't know if they meant "scald" or if "scold" is a Shetland term.

Scalloway Castle - don't forget to lock up the castle at the end of the day!

Large Shetland Wool Week sign on the side of Mareel:

How is a knitter to resist going into Jamieson & Smith with this welcome sign painted on the window?

In case of emergency, break glass?  This isn't a sign, but cute and humorous.  A pane of glass was missing in this phone box and someone hung a piece of knitted lace where the window should be.  The phone booth can be found near the Shetland Times Bookshop on Commercial Street.

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Barb B said...

Fun stuff. Gotta love the signs in Scotland. Maybe a spelling lesson? Thanks for taking us along on your trip.