Saturday, November 12, 2016

Leonard Cohen

I was sad to learn of the death of Leonard Cohen on November 7th. I feel like I've been listening to his songs forever. He wrote one of my all-time favorites, Hallelujah. Here he is singing it in his distinct style:

Hallelujah is a classic and has been covered many times by a wide range of singers, bands and orchestras. I particularly liked hearing former NHL hockey player, Claude Lemieux's version when he skated to the song on the Battle of Blades TV Show.  I wish he'd record it.

R.I.P. Leonard Cohen.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mini-mitten #21

I'm one step closer to completing the Mini-Mitten Advent garland having just finished #21 of 24.


Pattern:  Advent Mini-Mitten Garland
by Kat Lewinski

Yarn:  All Jamieson & Smith:
White - #1, Dark Red - #9113
Red - #9097, Red/Pink - #9144

Needles:  US #1/2.25 mm - double points

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Joy of Color

I like to read knitting books and I've just finished a very good read, one that I give two thumbs up and will recommend it to anyone who is interested in knitting in color, particularly fair isle knitting.  The book is The Joy of Color by Janine Bajus.

The Joy of Color is a comprehensive workshop in designing your own fair isle sweater, from choosing your colors to swatching to charting to finishing and everything in between.  I found my fingers itching to cast on and swatch, and swatch again.

I've always chosen colors based on how they look when I group them together in my hands.  I think/know that I should do more from now on.  My current project is the Hairst Cardigan by Sandra Manson.  I have the plain knitting completed, chose a cobalt blue as my main color.  I haven't decided on the colors to use for the fair isle yoke but now I'll swatch first to see what will be the most pleasing.

 Each step of the process is very well explained with photos.  She helps the knitter who might get stalled and makes the suggestion that the knitter keep very good notes.  I've always believed in that.  As further inspiration, she has included pictures and descriptions of sweaters that were knitted by some of her students.  One day, I would very much like to take a class with her, in person.

I can't think of a thing that she left out of her amazing book.  I'm lucky enough to have traveled to Shetland twice and have been inspired by the yarn, designs, landscapes and the people.  The Joy of Color has enhanced my love of Shetland and all the beauty that I found there.

By the way, I learned that Janine is going to Shetland next year (trip is sold out, no surprise) and I look forward to seeing what she'll be knitting and teaching when she returns.

To sum it up, I love this book.  I've read every word and will read it again.

Update 11.07.2016:  Janine is holding a 3-day workshop in March and I've signed up!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Eye Candy Friday - Ally Pally Window

Click to enlarge.

Wouldn't this window at the Alexandra Palace in London look good as a knitted mandala?  How about a design for the yoke of a fair isle sweater?  The color combinations are also inspirational.   It's something that you could look at often and see something different each time.

Thanks to Col for sharing this lovely photo.