Monday, January 30, 2017

Shetland Fire Festival

Have you ever been to Shetland?  Yes?  No?  Would you like to go tomorrow, Tuesday, January 31st?  The cost is free - no airfare, no hotel cost.

The annual Fire Festival, "Up Helly Aa" is going to be streamed online and I, for one, will be watching.  There are various activities during the day with the highlight being the parade and the burning of the Viking galley at night.  It all starts at 7:00 pm, Shetland time.  For me, in mountain time, that's noon.

I'm taking some vacation time in order to watch.  While watching, I'll be knitting my Fire Festival knitalong project, the hot water bottle cover:
I'll be adding some fish in the water when I get to that point in the knitting.
There is lots of good background information - here.

To watch the festivities online, the link is here.  It's brought to you by 60N magazine on Channel 3.

Get out your knitting and your Viking garb and have fun!

Click on the picture to enlarge.

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