Monday, May 1, 2017


Okay, I admit it.  I've been procrastinating about posting to my blog.  There has been lots going on in life, including a number of knitting projects.  I've been getting my money's worth from one project in which I knitted, ripped back, knitted, ripped back again.  More about that one next time as I need to take some pictures first.

For now...I have a finished object (FO)... a pair of socks.

I have lots of sock yarn and certainly didn't need another skein, but when I saw the color "From The Ashes" from local yarn company/dyers, Ancient Arts, I couldn't resist.  Previous blog post and pictures are here.  I used exactly half of the generous skein and next month the rest is going to a friend for her to enjoy.  When I saw the skein I didn't know that it was going to stripe.  That was a pleasant surprise.


Pattern:  Generic.  Cast on 60 sts., stocking stitch leg and foot,
short row heel, shaped toe.

Needles:  US #0/ 2.0 mm

Size:  Medium

Yarn:  Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts
Color:  From The Ashes

Ravelry Link:  From The Ashes

Note:  The socks are actually a wee bit brighter than in the picture, a nice rich red.  The colors in my earlier blog post are more accurate.

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