Monday, August 21, 2017


Did you see the eclipse today?  With safety glasses, I hope.  In Calgary there was about 90% coverage, it got dark as in the early evening and the temperature dropped quite a bit for a few minutes.

(c) G. Yamashita

I actually saw two eclipses today.  Here's the other one:

I wonder what records are pictured above ~
Dark Side of the Moon?
That Lucky Old Sun?  
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying?  
I'll Follow The Sun?
Total Eclipse of the Heart?

I could go on.....  ☺

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Anonymous said...

Sun King, Here Comes The Sun, Steal My Sunshine, Mambo Sun, The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore, Walkin' On The Sun, Good Day Sunshine, I'll Follow The Sun, Mr. Moonlight, ....