Thursday, December 21, 2017

BAA Humbug

Today there was a very nice surprise in the Advent Box.  A long time ago I downloaded a pattern for the Bluebird of Happiness.  I intended to make it for my Christmas tree.  Well, other projects came along and it was forgotten.  Today, in the box, was a link to the pattern and enough yarn to make 3 birds.  I'll have a bluebird or two or three on my Christmas tree next year.

And speaking of surprises....

If you want to buy clothes, do you think of going to Bed, Bath & Beyond?  Me neither.  I stopped in last night after work and there, by the door, were two types of sweaters.  One had an alpaca on the front, but I was drawn to the BAA Humbug Sheep design.  There was only one left in my size, so I claimed it/him/her!  Poor sheep - it needed a good home.

I like ugly Christmas sweaters.  I think that they are fun, and we can use all the fun we can get these days.  I don't care if the sweater is made of 100% acrylic.  This is not the time to be a yarn snob!  I like the sheep's red shoes and the orange pompom on his hat.

Guess what I'm wearing to work today?  I think that the sheep needs a name.

And reminder about the Stash Jar contest.  Check out the post from December 14th.

Happy First Day of Winter - and shortest day of the year.  Winter has definitely come to the Calgary area and it's going to be a white Christmas for sure.

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