Thursday, December 14, 2017


In the bag for December 14th in the Advent Box was a River City Yarns magnet.  I've certainly been adding to my stash this month!  😊

And speaking of stash, how would you like to win a Stash jar?  It's a Word Jar from Tumbleweed Pottery.  I use mine as a bank and I put in any loose change, knowing that the money will likely be destined to buy something knitting-related.  But, you could use for anything:  bits of yarn leftover from a project, notions, as a yarn bowl. The possibilities are endless.  

All you have to do to be entered in the contest is leave a comment and tell me what you'd use a Stash Jar for, knitting-related or not.  I'll announce the winner, chosen at random, in a post on January 1st.  What a nice way to start the new year - and, yes, I'll mail it wherever the winner lives, any country. 

1 comment:

Maria (viola33) said...

Love this jar! I would use it as a ball bowl, I think it would be perfect for this!
Have a Happy Advent!