Friday, December 15, 2017

Willow 'n Wool

Today's Advent Box gift is something very useful:  3 wool needles in a handy little plastic case.  This is going directly into my knitting bag.  I like that the case is in one of my favorite colors.

I moved to Airdrie, Alberta from Calgary at the end of August.  It wasn't a big move, only a few miles.  Airdrie is a smaller city and my first impression is how community oriented this place is.  Pretty much all the amenities that you may want or need are right here - except a yarn shop.  I didn't mind too much as Calgary is so close and I really (REALLY) don't need any more yarn.

However, about 3 weeks ago a yarn shop opened in Airdrie.  While I don't need anything, it's nice to know that there is a shop about 5 minutes away from home.  It's called Willow 'n Wool.  I stopped in yesterday and spent a good bit of time talking with the lovely owner, Barb.  She told me that it is a family-run business and what the various family members do in the shop, e.g. her daughter makes the pottery bowls, mugs, etc. which are very nice. 

There is a good variety of yarn - and a nice selection of Canadian brands:  Ancient Arts (one of my favorites), Creek Garden, and Polka Dot Creek among them.  Sweet Georgia is coming soon.  We talked about knitting trends, knitting patterns, furniture for the store, etc.  I totally forgot to take pictures inside the shop.  I'm very glad that Willow 'n Wool has come to town.

By the way, if you watch the Hometown Hockey series on TV, it's coming from Airdrie this weekend.

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